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Good shoes for the new season | Anta KT1Pro 10th Anniversary First Look (1) Decennial

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"In the eleventh selection, the Golden State Warriors selected Klay Thompson from Washington State."

Reproduce 11 classics at one time
An upgrade, paying tribute to the 10-year journey
Klay Thompson 1st Generation Signature Boots
Re-engraving upgrade, returning full of blood


No. 11 cold-faced shooter, start a new chapter

The return of the original classic styling
New Anta Nitrogen Technology Strength Blessing

The appearance retains the classic shape of KT1

Equipped with Anta Nitrogen Technology's new-generation midsole technology, front and rear palm-filling belly-filling physical nitrogen foaming

Energy regression rate 82.6%

Abundant elasticity, long-lasting energy supply, and further evolution in actual combat

Large-area anti-torsion TPU for mid-foot

Enhance the rigidity and toughness of the shoe body to prevent bending deformation

Anta Nitrogen Technology

Professional adjustments for basketball, give you a steady stream of kinetic energy, and the supply continues to bring high-energy actual combat experience

Hot melt mesh design

Package lock, free projection

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