Anta Men's Gordon Hayward GH2 "Pizza" Basketball Shoes

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ALTI FLASH midsole technology, high resilience and lasting energy feedback, high resilience and lasting energy feedback, stable protection and anti-torsion, one-piece transparent mesh upper comfortably wrapped, strong and breathable, special sausage, vegetable and other printed shoe body, exquisite details, The seam on the heel, the small pizza egg, the fun and ingenuity, the cheese-shaped midsole, and the fragrance is overflowing.

1. "Huya" TPU provides sufficient lateral support and stability on the side of the sneaker.
2. ALTI-FLASH cushioning technology, high rebound rate.
3. Huya TPU, connected to the lacing system, provides midfoot locking.
4. Anti-torsion TPU in the foot, Indiana pattern, improve the anti-torsion in the foot.
5. Tiger palm outsole, tiger palm texture, quick start and stop.