NARUTO x Anta Men's Shock The Game 5 Sweep 3 Uzumaki Naruto

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NARUTO x Anta Men's Shock The Game 5 sweeps 3 Haruno Sakura. It uses double-layer straps around the foot to provide tight wrapping and locking. The outer layer of the double-layer strap is printed with“要疯”LOGO, and the inner layer is a unique slogan. Demonstrate the identity of "要疯". The shoe body is made of A-SHOCK Fiber material, which takes into account both toughness and breathability to meet the actual needs of the field. A large area of torsion resistant TPU is built in the midsole to ensure the strength of the whole shoe and prevent deformation and bending. Five years are printed on the sole, which means that from 2017 to 2021, torches will be delivered to more cities and vowed to start a prairie fire.